You never have to miss a minute of their childhood! Now you can watch your child grow, learn and play from almost anywhere. You can share their new experiences with them visually as they occur, not just through stories at the end of the day. A picture is worth a thousand words, and remaining involved in your child's day is worth a thousand memories.
Peekaboo Child Care Centre is proud to be the first day care centre in Canada to offer you this exciting new technology and more. Peekaboo Child Care Centre is first and foremost a high quality child care centre. We are founded on the belief that both kids and parents need to be comfortable and secure in their day care arrangements in order for both to grow and prosper. We also recognize how important learning is at every age. Peekaboo, is both educationally oriented and technologically advanced. In addition to our quality programs your child will have individual time on computers beginning at 18 months of age.

We provide more than just supervision and entertainment, we give your child a learning opportunity.

It is natural for you to wonder about your child after they have been dropped off at day care. How many times have you wanted to be a fly on the wall to get a peek at what they were doing? Now you can, thanks to Peekaboo's Video Over the Internet (VOI) system. You can now stay in touch with your child visually any time of the day, anywhere you have access to a computer. From your office, your home, or even while traveling you have the opportunity to see your child at play.

Fixed cameras located within your child's classroom are used to send continuously updated snapshots to a security controlled web site via the Internet. By simply logging onto the Internet with a password and personal identification number to a secure network site, you can watch your child's activities throughout the day.

Video Over the Internet utilizes today's new generation of high­ speed modems and advanced software. You can use a standard web browser with no special software or plug-ins.

This technology is not new in the United States. There are hundreds of day care centres equipped with this technology. Families who use the system gave us extremely positive feedback. It can even be used to help distant relatives stay in touch with what your child is doing. In Canada, Peekaboo was the first child care Centre to offer you this service.