Waterdown - LEAP (20 Hamilton St. N)
P: 905-690-2582 |  E: waterdownleap@peekabookid.com

Welcome to Peekaboo Day Care Hamilton, our Hamilton Street and LEAP locations. On January 1st, 2010 these locations became part of the Peekaboo family of centres.

Shelley Hamilton (Supervisor)
Shelley Hamilton is our supervisor at our LEAP location. Shelley had been employed at Peekaboo for over 13 years and started her journey as the nursery school teacher. more...
Our Programs
Nursery School - 27 Months to 5 years
We offer a half day program for busy children looking creative and physical stimulation in a loving, safe environment.
Kindergarten - 4 to 6 years
Kindergarten is a time for beginning reading and math skills to prepare your child for first grade.
School Age - 6 to 12 Years
This program is specifically designed to ensure children have a safe, educational and active before and after school experience.
Introducing Kinder Prep Program!!
Give us a call to check out this new amazing program designed to give your child an \"edge\" before entering Kindergarten
Posted: June 13, 2013